Diablo 2 master skills plus points?

The following points are added to personal opinion, only as a reference, the official shall prevail.

Strong enough to wear all the equipment, agility to shield block rate of 75% (to get storm shield) or without (take mental shield), the remaining increase stamina without.

:( Frozen Department for pc and mac)

20 Blizzard, ice storm 20 Glacial Spike 20, 20 disposable colds, ice A 1 heating 1, a static force field, transfer 1, and the remaining ice bombs.

Fire Department :( fit pc)

20 meteorites fireball 20, flare 20, dominated the flame 20, heating a static force field 1, transfer 1. 1 ice, add the remaining flames strengthened.

Lightning series :( fit pc)

Chain Lightning 20 Lightning 20, Charged Bolt 20, Nova 20, 20 disposable lightning, transfer 1, Heating 1.

Frozen Flame like :( fit pvc)

20 Blizzard, ice storm 20, dominated the cold a fireball 20, 20 meteorites, dominates a flame, heating a static force field 1, transfer 1, ice A 1, and the remaining ice bombs.

Frozen Lightning like :( fit pvc)

20 blizzard, ice storm 20, dominated the cold one, Chain Lightning 20 Lightning 20 Lightning dominated one, Heating a static force field 1, transfer 1, ice A 1, and the remaining ice bomb

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Diablo 2 which is the most powerful professional

In all occupations are equipped with top diablo 2 items under circumstances:

One, PVE (Daguai not fight)

1, SOR (Master) is the most powerful, because you can tap (to the place, which is to fly) and can be strange group, the damage is considerable, brush strange is the fastest;

2, PAL (Paladin) highest single output, the only way to kill a single DC (Super Diablo) who, since when it comes to top-level equipment, of course, wearing top + (mystery, + a transfer of skills clothes) is very a good choice, but we know it is a fast hardware PAL eat and equipment, there is no good perseverance got newest, do not choose;

3, AMA (Amazons) cattle Terminator hell, we know there is a hidden off Diablo 2 – Cow, which can be described as Amazon invincible, all-powerful, feature is the more strange, the higher the damage, the disadvantage is electrical encountered an invalid entity attack ineffective blame no solution;

4, BRA (barbarian) play money machine, bubo. You can wear a savage look for equipment plus money, the red door to go inside act5 roar body, take money out of the finish, this time the blame should not again do this one. The second is to wear a trench plus skills and equipment to roar teammates HP (hit points) MP (manna). The effect is more obvious than the sword bo bo more;

5 Others (DRU: Druid, NEC: Necromancer, ASN: Assassin) mentioned three career there is relatively weakest, and basically very few people play, but does not rule out special play can play to a very strong, but so far I have not thought of.

Two, PVP (being not Daguai)

For PVP, I’m not playing a lot, but basically played against each job, in general, the top equipment case, depending on speed and technique, since most PVP is allowed to eat red bottles are not allowed to poison damage, they are able to fly is the greatest advantage, as to which fight powerful point, or to see more operations.

Diablo three quests – distinction in between D3 and D2

If Diablo 2 could attain a higher position on account of quests, Diablo 3 quests can head to a far better final result.

Diablo three quests, based on player anticipations, are going to be derived from specifically how quests have already been at Diablo too. In Diablo 2, you will find an abundance of key quests and then you’ll find normally elective quests. Major quests incorporate things to accomplish to help keep with all the storyline even though optional quests will be the kind of quests that are not necessary to get completed to carry on using the video game. It can be to be expected that in Diablo 3, the quests are gonna be a lot connected with how it operates in Diablo 2 items, in all probability filled up with more significant missions as well as non-obligatory duties. With that in thoughts, Diablo three will surely turn into an accomplishment!

Comparable to Diablo too, Diablo 3 quest awards are likewise integrated. Quest awards can be monetary in addition to statistic awards provided a gamer when she / he’ll be capable of finishing a quest. In Diablo 2, soon immediately after accomplishing the very to start with a question about the topic of cleansing the Den of Evil, Akara gives you a talent level together having a ring to spend to get a person’s energy. The items supplied will be the quest awards we’ve been speaking about.

Absolutely after the release, a Diablo 3 quest guides are going to be accredited for a lot of who need to possess a helping hand in getting the do the job finished. Of course, it is actually a great deal for better when question awards can be present in quick techniques. The quest guide will probably give right facts that need to be understood by the player that when followed, will inevitably lead the player to finish any distinct a single question. Quest guides will certainly be accessible for many quests which Diablo three has in outlets to the gamers. It really is nice to get a small help if your game turns into incredibly tough to beat.

Back in Diablo two, there have been very simple quests and hard quests. Blizzard knew that mainly due to the fact Diablo two was actually not known for being a challenging degree video game to finish. Because of this, Blizzard most probably has intentions of making Diablo 3 quests a lot tougher in comparison to previous video game. Probably also difficult that it could get to the stage of players throwing a match, publishing in discussion boards of how challenged they may be with that game. The most beneficial but would be the purpose that each one of these tougher quests came with Diablo three quest rewards that are definitely well worth each of the hard-work which you put into finishing it.

When speaking about hard-to-beat video games such as the approaching Diablo three, an easy-to-get quest walk through shall be launchEg. Walkthrough’s is very similar to the quest to enable guides but needs to certainly not be mistaken for one. The best big difference in between each would be the fact that walk throughs concentrate far more about the storyline as well as the strategy to get above it speedily whilst guides can not only restrict itself towards the storyline, but on top of that may possibly reach subjects as much as character making allSo. Yet Guidebook or maybe walkthrough, it isn’t going to really create a differentce. Once the time comes wherein players are starting to throw tantrums at being an outcome of struggles they are encountering in taking component while in the game, a super quick variety from the Internet search engine window of €Diablo 3 guides and walk throughs€ will be sueffice.

Diablo 2 Necromancer how to add a little?


Diablo 2 Necromancer how to add a little?



Necromancer energy should increase as the focus. The other can be a little less.

If you are learning the bones of magic, strength and power can add a little less.

If the school calls, we should focus on adding strength and power. Energy can be a little less.

Plus one: simultaneously learn best learns the recipe calls curse, but not too much class.

Even the skills I also do not support Mr. extreme 2nd floor ……

I advise LZ best not to learn toxins into a nightmare after almost useless ……

The best school of bones, there is few anti-strange magic system, only to have seen a hell Barr.

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Diablo Ⅱ Wikipedia

“Diablo 2” is the US Blizzard Entertainment following the “Diablo”, an action role-playing in the 2000 listing of the game.

Players create their own role in running a piece of dark earth, enemy, treasure hunt, grow and eventually become their own race in the master. The game offers connection function, in addition to the usual Ipx, MODEM, and Direct Link outside, Blizzard has set up a server, for players to fight together by his comrades Internet, and other parts of the world.


Heaven and Hell battle (Armageddon) before man appeared already started, and continued for several years, during which both angels and demons heroes, balance may creator Blizzard team set too high. Both help people who cannot do nothing, so numerous casualties. Where Diablo (Diablo), Baal (Barr), and Mephisto (Mephisto) is the supreme ruler of Hell, Devil Trinity, master fear, destruction and hatred force. Archangel IZUAL (Iraqi soldier Seoul) is the greatest hero in heaven.

Story Content

Archangel IZUAL be defeated in a second raid Hellfore (hell entrance) battle, with the archangel Tyrael (Tyrrell) the words, “His holy soul was locked in the abyss of hell, he will be enclosed in a horrible monster body “, regardless of landscaping, the fact is that last refuge of Hell Archangel IZUAL become fallen Angels (Fallen Angel).

After the man appeared, heaven and hell battle rarely directly open play, manipulate humans into simulation exercises, the war also changed its name, called “The sin war”, “sin” quoted from the Bible in the “original sin” really rogue, this battle Dabu Wan had to count the sins of human head. Paradise lost their heroic aspects Archangel IZUAL, respect is not better than hell, hell four devil (Duriel pain devil, Andariel torment and anguish of the queen, king Azmodan evil king Belial Lies) suddenly to the three oldest (Diablo, Baal and Maphisto) raid, beat them after three of its exiled to earth. But hell rebels and attention this anti chaotic events angels do not know, this is the result of three rebel original devils carefully designed this thing but three of the devil, but probably only fallen angels IZUAL can guess which of cause. The reason is the soul stone.

But this miscalculate three devil holds strong spiritual power of angels and demons host. In the human world events force decay very quickly, because of their spiritual power in heaven and hell have an almost endless supply source in humans on the territory is limited. Tall angels in heaven to see the change and immediately sent the archangel took three Soulstones went to earth to sell favors to human made Organization (Horadrim) a crowd, etc. For the future of mankind, lofty ideals, K devil out of three. So far everything is the devil’s plan among the three. The only miscalculation is human made got a soul stone. Weird human male fighting techniques, combat has no rules, not all of them fatal, in the three devil Mephisto first stand, it might be a sense of crisis in the world is not strong, the preferred seal was caught into the soul stone. The remaining two buddies Baal and Diablo look bad. Diablo soon be Horadrim kill, was caught in a small kingdom of the West, where the stone seat in the soul. Hordeum built in this part of the members of a church at Diablo seal generations monitoring Diablo, flies, Riyuerusuo, after generations Horadrim forces gradually decline,

This kingdom is the king a Paladin line dominate, Diablo rid soul stone seal. The story is the origin of generation Diablo game.

Baal fled to supplement the power of hell, decades later stupid way back to earth, because the last time was Horadrim kill, to seal Baal Baal’s soul stone is broken into a pile of debris, human magician can only take the largest one make do with fighting. Diablo Baal for this shoddy products with confidence, pose let yourself be sucked into the soul stone, ready to give it burst again, this time they miscalculated …… Hordeum ever Outstanding Master, have mental strength was the strongest magic instructor Tal Rasha, the soul stone embedded within their own body, so that their own soul into the soul stone among the defective products immediately sinking into a national best upgrade Bu world famous, Baal and when a return right time idiot. According to Tal Rasha’s wishes, his body was chained, buried in the desert in the east, above the tomb to make a genuine seven, later known as fans of Tal Rasha’s Tomb.

Three devil is regarded as temporary seals live, but human power is not really the elimination of these three dirty dark huge monster, so the seal can be obtained only people between temporary respite from the dark threat is still not among the human world was truly eradicated. First woke up three devil’s brother Diablo, probably Horadrim did not look at him too hard K him …… although Diablo forces have not responded to the previous situation, but the collapse of the entire King Leoric kingdom and occupy prince body flooding, in preparation for the whole kingdom when the people become slaves of darkness, there has been an unknown hero, the immediate concern of the Church of the deepest beat him and blocked off Diablo soul soul stone sealed his forehead, so that their Diablo soul and do battle forever and forever buried under the church.

New start

Unfortunately, the expense of their own who are charged with the sacred mission and can not be forever locked unsung Diablo force, after the passage of time, his efforts failed, Diablo once again climb out of the soul stone, and gave himself for the one the most robust armor, including bullet-proof vests, boots, belts and so on. This time, he let his two brothers intensified Mephisto and Baal simultaneous recovery and let the east mainland people curse once again faced with the terrorist threat.

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Diablo 2 which career the most fun?


Diablo 2 which career the most fun?



1. Negro pre-brush picture invincible, is entirely gang war. After experiencing Ender Riel, becomes brittle bones of the skull. Of course, the character itself is a bit brittle, often not without blood is not blue.

2. Master the early absolutely alone, no matter how good the equipment may have been seconds, late first many skills injured, if Mana enough, almost immortal Xiaoqiang, itself a passive skills to accelerate the speed of recovery magic. Transfer of skills are good, do not detour directly through the wall, and sometimes can escape. .

3. Barbarian uncle, pure worry about money, looks for a variety of equipment to find the syrup in the bodies, the late weapons do not ask, after all skills plus a percentage of the damage

4. Assassin and Amazon are crispy pie, post second person properly. Are high damage skills. Sentence: You cannot hit me (waza-ari can add dodge)

5. Paladin whole property to resist the whole property is generally offensive and defensive attack is the one place where they go to corpse. . . Big range of skills on this effect, the only drawback, it is boring, let the skills to help you kick the

6. Druid looks like there is a version of the Dark Druid will not save anyone which was frozen in Harrogath. . . . Games almost feel and the Deathly Hallows, call + elements, turned quite good fun can add a variety of attributes.

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Players Remembrance “Diablo 2” appealed to the Blizzard launched reset version called “Diablo 3” too sad

Remember, Acquaintance “Diablo 2” was in 2004 when the University, before this did not come into contact with this type of RPG, began to use some jerky, then play more vigorously, and now recall the era and the group Friends of the University together all night playing “Dark 2 “days, food for thought. Netscape recently released proxy “Diablo 3”, the national dress of the year will be listed, “Diablo 3” is listed, clothes bought hundreds of pieces I play, and always feel that not enough dark, too cartoon style, the main theme of the story too, industrial flavor too strong, art is not enough, this simply re-fitted with a “Diablo 2” to the aesthetic of the game now, revisit this old game.

diablo 2

diablo 2

3D gaming has not been popular in that era, shocking to see such a well-detailed CG visual impact will be what we can imagine, even now, the levels of these CG are still remarkable. After seeing two pictures which are etched in my mind.

One is full of grim twist Diablo incarnations, was really was shocking, and Blizzard “Diablo 3: Prodigy’s sickle” piece of information reproduced in this scene CG forward a generation to pay tribute, but already looks dubious

Diablo break the Dark Wanderer body

Diablo break the Dark Wanderer body

Another scenario is the “Lord of Destruction” phrase when data Appearances “Shut up!”, followed by a detailed close-Barr HD, which is “Diablo” for the first time on the devil’s face were portrayed meticulous, his dark, twisted metamorphosis Gothic temperament, did not disappoint us. In contrast, “Diablo 3”, thoroughly mediocre lack of lack of a theme of promoting justice, American movies.


Dark elegant wretched Barr

Dark elegant wretched Barr

Screen performance

I have also a picture of the party, like high-quality 3D screen, with excellent picture to see more and more, image enhancement and more obvious, and instead began to focus on the screen art style. With the diversification of the game again, I believe that more and more people are not valued in the past as quality, after all, “World of Warcraft” “Heroes Union” and other popular games are general quality, and in recent years more and more pixels games popular, visible quality status in the minds of the people gradually reduced, art style and gameplay elements such as the screen turned more attention.

“Diablo 2” 10 years ago as a game, the screen supports up to 800 * 600 resolution, and run by default in win7 video, requires a variety of settings, so order now perspective, certainly not to mention high-quality. Its excellent in that rich dark tone, and even opened up a style – Dark Wind, from the choice of occupation to the game music, all kinds of unread demon beasts, mixed together generated a thick dark atmosphere is much younger then a high-quality game also build not out.

Diablo 2 fog vision mechanism

Diablo 2 fog vision mechanism

Battle mode

No lock battle mode, non-Zhan Zhuang fighting, more and more players of all ages, “Diablo 2” long before 10 years, opened a 45-degree angle without locking the battle mode, skills, career and wealth effects of the game’s strange, a high degree of freedom with the talent system, so this fighting game is very profound. Occupational skills and the corresponding characteristics of each play are very different. I still remember my first professional play druid summoned from the underground stop crawling vines effect, this effect so far I have not in other games seen.

Druid summon vines kept the shuttle from the ground floor to come and go

Druid summon vines kept the shuttle from the ground floor to come and go


By today’s standards to evaluate the “Diablo 2”, the screen behind the biggest drawback of course, the game supports only 800 * 600 resolutions, and win7 default Huaping, you need a separate set. Furthermore, game CG although beautiful, but the story of the game is too rough, too obscure back story and world view, which is the current requirements in terms of really good enough. Game CG no Chinese subtitles, not to mention the game’s Chinese dubbing.



Subjective evaluation

Started to play the game is pure entertainment, the pursuit of point stimulation, to pass the time, somewhat more than the pursuit after playing the game might be artistic, “Diablo 2” is such a game. The so-called art, you must have creativity, playing “Diablo 2” I can feel dark and wretched hearts of the production team, to feel its various intentions set on vocational skills, experience pioneering its battle mode, these are after thinking through the crystallization of inspiration, rather than simply feeling cold less than human industrial processing, which is the current selection of old tour new play “Diablo 2” is the most important reason. “Diablo 2”, the humans do not represent justice, angels did not represent justice, hell is not demeaning stereotype, but portrayed a few gifted Ya Gete dark treacherous devil image, which is to distinguish it from “Superman,” “Spider-Man” commendable “Diablo 3” and other works at.

players relish being hidden barriers: Cows Off

players relish being hidden barriers: Cows Off

new players concerned, if you are a picture of the party, just like playing 3D HD, that “Diablo 2” is definitely insufficient. If you like this type of lock perspective APPG, like Diablo style game, like “fighting God of War” Similar games like “Legend” blasting equipment, like the pursuit of fresh gameplay, like art, any one or more conditions are met it is recommended that you play “Diablo 2 . “For older players, ready to open the game for a new career never played it. I feel certain different.

Final appeal, Blizzard launched “Diablo 2” HD remake.

Diablo 2 and varied skill effect

Diablo 2 and varied skill effect

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Exploring the Blood Marsh With Most affordable Diablo Products No Confirmation in items7

With all the Reaper of Souls is going to be launched in about two weeks, the time gets to be shorter andshorter. The Diablo function crew continues to be working on all of itat the time. A short while ago, theydemonstrated the Reaper of Souls? Initial Seem: Exploring the Blood Marsh to all players. Would youdo not like the idea extra about it? The beneath factsoffer you additional cheapestdiablo objects specifics.

Bug fixes

1. Gold can be the moment again be bought and offered about the Actual Cash Auction Residence

2. Degree 60 crafted amulets now effectively call for Fiery Brimstone to craft

Three. Stoker the Keywarden now reflects a far more acceptable level of harm with his whirlwind attack

4. The portal top of the 2nd Hell Rift to the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier, now functions adequately

5. The practical experience bar is eliminated in the followers UI

6. The Siegebreaker Assault Beast no longer performs other actions all through his grab assault animation

The Background of the Blood Marsh

Enveloping a considerable portion in the western reaches of Khanduras, the Blood Marsh is usually a hefty, swampy stretch of land, split by rivers and tributaries typically utilized for passage and trade. Despite its existing inhospitable nature, it was not usually a dread-inducing local and actually was the moment the house of among Sanctuary’s biggest civilizations.

The City of Corvus & Rakkis’ Claim:

Long before King Rakkis ever touched foot over the land that would become Westmarch, the Blood Marsh was the site of untold glory?”The city of Corvus.

Blood Essence: Bringing the Blood Marsh to Life

Crafting a treacherous bog to explore as a bridge between two fantastic locations (Westmarch and pandemonium, the final stage for Act V) could have been a relatively simple, straightforward task. Our designers, however, rose to an unspoken challenge and took the creation with the blood Marsh a step further, delving into this location both physically and thematically.

Creating the Theme:

Initially step in exploring an area’s design is nailing down the ultimate fantasy in the environment, or its theme. In the case with the Blood Marsh and Ruins of Corvus that rest within it, the central theme happens to be one that’s integral on the story of Diablo itself: Blood.

Building around the Past:

The theme of blood and bloodlines even stretches into Diablo’s own history when it now comes to inspiration. For example, one of the main quests diablo 2 goods for sale you’ll complete in Act V involves finding the correct entrance towards the ruins of Corvus. Long-time players of Diablo II might work experience a pang of familiarity for an oft-remembered tomb search from Act II.

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