Diablo 2 which is the most powerful professional

In all occupations are equipped with top diablo 2 items under circumstances:

One, PVE (Daguai not fight)

1, SOR (Master) is the most powerful, because you can tap (to the place, which is to fly) and can be strange group, the damage is considerable, brush strange is the fastest;

2, PAL (Paladin) highest single output, the only way to kill a single DC (Super Diablo) who, since when it comes to top-level equipment, of course, wearing top + (mystery, + a transfer of skills clothes) is very a good choice, but we know it is a fast hardware PAL eat and equipment, there is no good perseverance got newest, do not choose;

3, AMA (Amazons) cattle Terminator hell, we know there is a hidden off Diablo 2 – Cow, which can be described as Amazon invincible, all-powerful, feature is the more strange, the higher the damage, the disadvantage is electrical encountered an invalid entity attack ineffective blame no solution;

4, BRA (barbarian) play money machine, bubo. You can wear a savage look for equipment plus money, the red door to go inside act5 roar body, take money out of the finish, this time the blame should not again do this one. The second is to wear a trench plus skills and equipment to roar teammates HP (hit points) MP (manna). The effect is more obvious than the sword bo bo more;

5 Others (DRU: Druid, NEC: Necromancer, ASN: Assassin) mentioned three career there is relatively weakest, and basically very few people play, but does not rule out special play can play to a very strong, but so far I have not thought of.

Two, PVP (being not Daguai)

For PVP, I’m not playing a lot, but basically played against each job, in general, the top equipment case, depending on speed and technique, since most PVP is allowed to eat red bottles are not allowed to poison damage, they are able to fly is the greatest advantage, as to which fight powerful point, or to see more operations.

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