Diablo 2 which career the most fun?


Diablo 2 which career the most fun?



1. Negro pre-brush picture invincible, is entirely gang war. After experiencing Ender Riel, becomes brittle bones of the skull. Of course, the character itself is a bit brittle, often not without blood is not blue.

2. Master the early absolutely alone, no matter how good the equipment may have been seconds, late first many skills injured, if Mana enough, almost immortal Xiaoqiang, itself a passive skills to accelerate the speed of recovery magic. Transfer of skills are good, do not detour directly through the wall, and sometimes can escape. .

3. Barbarian uncle, pure worry about money, looks for a variety of equipment to find the syrup in the bodies, the late weapons do not ask, after all skills plus a percentage of the damage

4. Assassin and Amazon are crispy pie, post second person properly. Are high damage skills. Sentence: You cannot hit me (waza-ari can add dodge)

5. Paladin whole property to resist the whole property is generally offensive and defensive attack is the one place where they go to corpse. . . Big range of skills on this effect, the only drawback, it is boring, let the skills to help you kick the

6. Druid looks like there is a version of the Dark Druid will not save anyone which was frozen in Harrogath. . . . Games almost feel and the Deathly Hallows, call + elements, turned quite good fun can add a variety of attributes.

Summary: choose the right characters, then buy some disable 2 items of gaming equipment. Game play will be even better!