• Nov 27 2011
    SALE!!! All registed user 20% OFF now.
  • 10% OFF if your order over $10.
  • Nov 15 2011
    Super price arrived on new ladder!
  • All new ladder items will be changed in 2 hours. Thank you for your purchase.
  • Sep 16 2011
    All d2saloon rigisted accounts restored.
  • Please login with your old account and password if you want. thank you.
  • Sep 28 2010
    New ladder coming.
  • All ladder items will move to non-ladder because ladder reset.
  • Jul 04 2010
    All realm Ladder items will update every week.
  • All realm NON-Ladder items will update every two weeks.
  • Jun 08 2010
    Items news:
  • USEast NON-Ladder items has been updated. USWest NON-Ladder items has been updated.
  • May 29 2010
    Items news:
  • Europe NON-Ladder items has been updated
  • May 27 2010
    Items news: All realm ladder *Cheap Pack in stock.
  • May 13 2010
    Referral Awards Coming. Please recommend us to your friends.
  • Referral Awards automatic added. 5% on completed referral orders. Create an account and get your own referral link.
  • Apr 07 2010
    Items news:
  • All realm ladder annis in stock.
  • Apr 06 2010
    Ladder OAK CTA coming.
  • All realm 40 all resist OAK/6BO CTA added.
    Europe Ladder items coming...
  • Feb 23 2010
    All realm items updated.
  • It's easy to find your items by keyword search. e.g. 'Paladin socket'
  • Jan 04 2010
    Very sory. Site script got big error. Old script restored.
  • Forum script got big error. Old script restored. No need regist new account when you place order. Items mule information will be delivered to your paypal email. Thank you very much!
  • May 29 2009
    Site Upgraded. Please regist new account on forum.
  • Hope you post your suggestions on forum or send pm to d2saloon. Thank you very much.
  • May 04 2009
    Trade Forum will close.
  • Forum data will move to site
  • May 04 2009
    East Ladder and West Ladder items Updated!
  • East NON-Ladder and West NON-Ladder items coming soon.
  • Aug 22 2008
    Discount Arrived!
  • We have best price and Fast delivery. Please E-mail to if you have any question.
    Whenever you place an order on the site for $10.00 or more, you immediately earn a 20% discount. The savings will automatically be deducted from your order by the shopping cart.
  • Aug 22 2008
    Site Upgraded!
  • Lots bugs fixed. Tracking online function added. Please E-mail to if you found any bugs. Thank you very much.
  • Aug 10 2008
    Domain changed!
  • Site domain changed to Site only legit & perm items sell. Please E-mail to if you paid but not receive deliver email in 8hours.
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