D2 New Ladder Start Guide! – a guide to newcomers by henriconha

Written by henriconha

So I decided to make a guide to newcomers on D2 Ladder!

1. But game isnt dead? Mate 18 years, Diablo 2 its still a teenager!
2. Aren’t u too old to play games? Gaming Addiction happens only if gaming cause impact on your social, professional life. Besides that its totally fine

First of all, imagine that u dont have fgs and wants to play diablo II right?
When u start to play ladder u need to do some money, find itens (magic find) to make your character stronger, so basically Sorcerer and Paladin are the best vocations do that, so i will split this guide in two.

Step 1: Get yourselft to Hell difficulty and/or get some level:
1) You can get into hell doing a grush (thats around 10fg on forum) but also u can find free if u look ingame for games called grush
2) You can level your character into level 40 on normal difficulty doing tristam runs on level 1-12, tomb runs into 12-20, cows 20-25 and them baal to 40. After that u could be a bumper (thats 20fg on forum) and get into Hell difficulty!

Step 2: Get level 80
1) That should be easy (3hours) following chaos runs until 65 then baal runs until level 80.

Spliting Guide


Skills Distribution (in order):

1 point in Frozen Armor
1 point in Warmith
1 point in Teleport
1 point in Static Field
1 point in Telekiness
20 points to lightning
20 points to lightning mastery
20 points to chain lightning
20 points to charged bolt

The rest points u will get put in Nova.


Str – Just add the necessary to equip your itens
Dex – Just add the necessary to equip your itens
Vitality – 80% of your points
Energy – 20% of your points


Weapon: Wizardspike or Tal Rasha’s Lidless Eye
Armor: Vipermagi or Tal Armor
Helmet: Tal helmet or Shako
Shield: Spirit Monarch

But how i will be able to get that?
You can get these itens easily free on forum or following some runs.
Spirit Monarch?
Yes, just find a white monarch following chaos/baal runs and make socket quest(first quest of act5 in normal or nightmare difficulty) also search for drops of ‘TalThulOrtAmn’ runes.
Wait, theres missing itens in the set!!
Again, you are right, but with these u can start mfing The Countess

How do i mf The Countess and what i get there?

You can find her in the forgotten tower in black marsh(Act 1)
If u want to make money you should look for any kind of runes.
These are common needed on jsp forum.
Dont forget the higher runes, that will help you to build your character equipment!

How to mf The Countess

Teleport into her remember to stay away and use Lightning skill, then make a new game!

You can also look for:

Flawless, Perfect Gems
Bases (3os-4os armors and shields)
These too are common needed on jsp forum.

Hey i got some runes what should i do now?
You should look for new equipment! Here some hints:
The oculus (occy)
Magefist or Chance Guards Gloves
War Traveler Battle Boots(ravs), Sandstorm Treks Scarabhell Boots (treks)

Hint: When u drop Um runes, stock it on your tal armor, helmet to get more resists

I got all that, im done?

Well after that u can magic find other spots like Andariel, Pits, Mephisto, Duriel!

And Search for a Chains of Honor (coh runeword) Armor, Sorcerer Torch, Annihilus Small Charm, and ofc equip Another Characters!

Sorcerers dont use Mercenarys?

Yes, they do! U should get one Defensive in act 2 Nightmare When u start u can make:
Smoke Runeword on a 2 soc armor (Nef + Lum)
Insight Runeword on a 4 soc polearm (‘RalTirTalSol)

After u get some money, u should look for:
Fortitude Runeword (‘ElSolDolLo’) on a 4 soc ETH armor
Infinity (‘BerMalBerIst) Runeword on a 4 soc ETH polearm (‘RalTirTalSol) With that u should prolly mf everywhere, but these are expensive
Andariel’s Visage with Ral rune!

And thats it! Sorry for mistype errors, feel free to add/correct something!!
Paladin Newcomer Guide Comming Soon