How to build Blizzard Sorc? – PvM, Full Tal Rasha Set, Blizzard Sorc by Eoj

Written by Eoj

Okay, so I have an ip ban, and decided to put together a guide for a full Tals magic find blizz sorc.

Strength – However Much Is Required For All Gear. (After taking stats from Torch, Anni, bonuses from gear)
Dexterity – Base
Vitality – All Remaining Points After What’s Put Into Strength
Energy – Base

Helm – Perfect Topaz’d Tals Mask
Amulet – Tals Amulet
Weapon – +2 Cold Mastery Tals Orb
Armor – Perfect Topaz’d Tals Armor
Shield – Spirit Monarch (The Higher The Fcr / Mana, The Better)
Gloves – Chancies (The Higher The Mf, The Better)
Rings – 2x Nagelrings (The Higher The Mf, The Better)
Belt – 15 Mf Tals Belt
Boots – War Travs (The Higher The Mf, The Better)
With this gear, you will do enough damage to easily kill the bosses, and still maintain a high magic find.

Sorc Torch – Higher The Stats/Resistance The Better
Anni – Higher The Stats/Resistance/Experience Gain The Better
Gheed’s Grand Charm – The Higher The Mf, The Better
3x Cold Grand Charms
5x 7 Mf Scs (with Life/Resistance/Mana is better, but costs a lot more)
With This Inventory (Assuming it’s a perfect Gheed’s), You Will Be Given Another 4 Skill Levels, 75 More Mf, 20-40 Stat Points, 20-40 Resistance, and Still Have An Open 5×4 Space For Drops From Bosses.

Helm – Ral’d Andy’s Helm (Cancels Out The -30 Resistance) If Strength Is Needed For 210 Strength For An Eth Cv. If No More Strength Is Needed, Go With A Vamp Gaze For Life Steal and Damage Reduce
Armor – Ethereal Fort (Higher The Defense The Better, But Also Keep It Within Your Merc’s Strength). If The Fort Costs Too Much, Go With An Ethereal Shaftstop For Good Defense, And Damage Reduce
Weapon – Ethereal Colossus Voulge Insight (Good Damage, And Meditation Aura, So Mana Is Not A Problem)
Make sure your mercenary is bought from Act Two Nightmare, and is Defensive. The Holy Freeze aura slows down enemies, giving you enough time to kill them before they can come anywhere near you!

Warmth – One Skill Point – Mana Recharge Greatly Increases
Static Field – One Skill Point – To Be Casted Right After One Blizzard, And Weakens The Bosses By About Half Their Health Quickly
Telekinesis – One Skill Point – Required For Teleport
Teleport – One Skill Point – So You Can Teleport To The Bosses, Of Course
Frozen Armor – One Skill Point (Optional) – Needed For Shiver Armor And Chilling Armor
Shiver Armor – One Skill Point (Optional) – Gives A Great Defense Bonus And Slows Down Melee Attackers, So If They Hit You, They Slow Down And Can Not Attack You As Quickly
Chilling Armor – One Skill Point (Optional) – Gives A Great Defense Bonus And Slows Down Ranged Attackers, So If They Hit You, They Slow Down And Can Not Attack You As Quickly
Frozen Orb – One Skill Point – Great For Norm Rushing, And Easily Kills Monsters. No Recharge Wait Time, Unlike Blizzard, Which Makes The Rush Much More Effective
Blizzard – Maxed – The Main Skill To Be Used
Cold Mastery – Maxed – Increases The Blizzard Damage Done
Ice Bolt – Maxed – Gives Bonuses To Both Blizzard And Frozen Orb
Glacial Spike – Maxed – Gives A Damage Bonus To Blizzard
Ice Blast – Maxed – Gives A Damage Bonus To Blizzard
In This List, It Is In The Order I Suggest You Level/Max Them. But It Is Also Put In Order By Number Of Skill Points To Be Used. For The One Skill Point Skills, I Suggest You Give Them The Skill Point As Soon As You Meet The Level Requirement For Them, As To Quickly Get Them Out Of The Way. As For The Armors, They Are Not Required, But Are Highly Recommended, As They Give A Significant Boost To Defense, And Can Slow Down Melee/Ranged Attackers. It Is Up To You Which Armor You Use, Between Shiver Armor Or Chilling Armor

Method For Killing Bosses:
The Way I Would Suggest You Kill Bosses Is Quite Simple. Set Teleport, Static Field, and Blizzard to F1, F2, and F3.
1. Teleport To The Boss
2. Cast Blizzard One Time
3. Quickly Cast Static Field A Few Times, In Order To Bring Down The Bosses Health Below Half
4. Teleport Away From The Boss, As Not To Take Damage
5. Cast Blizzard Over The Boss
6. Repeat Steps 4 And 5 Until The Boss Is Dead. It Should Only Need To Be Repeated 1-2 Times.

With This Sorceress, You Achieve A Very High Blizzard Damage, That Can Easily Kill Bosses. You Also Look Shiny, Which Is Awesome! And Last But Not Least, You Achieve A Magic Find of 425+ (441 With All Perfect Mf Gear).
It Is An Affordable Setup, And All Gear Can Be Cheaper If Not Perfect. Some Of This Gear, Such As The Torch, Are Not Needed, As You Will Still Do A Good Amount Of Damage And Will Still Easily Kill The Bosses. This Sorceress Can Easily Kill:
Countess *Merc Can Easily Kill All Of The Monsters, And You Just Sit Back And Watch Him Pwn Them (And Can Cast Static To Take Down Half Of Their Health)


Hope This Helps You!