Diablo 2 Game Commands

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Little info before you read commands:
Alias – synonym, command with same result as another command.
Colors of text in-game:
White – what you write in a channel / game chat.
Brown – used to write player names in channels or messages from game.
Green – used for private messages.
Blue – used by Battle.net message system or by Battle.Net official representatives.
Red – error messages sent by Battle.Net.
Colors of text in guide :
< text > is a variable, a parameter set by the user.
Bold text is the command, must be written exactly that way in order for a command to work

1.Commands in game:

Show total Frames Per Second ( fps) , skipped fps, Physical memory used ( RAM used / total possible ) and pagefile memory used ( current / total ). Use again to hide this information.
Items cannot be picked up except by using alt and clicking on their name. Usefull mostly in pvp. Use again to reactivate.
!text <message>
Show <message> above character’s head.
/players X
Sets difficulty in Singleplayer mode to X players ( doesn’t set normal / nightmare / hell
mode , X is between 1 and 8, else reset to 1). The harder the difficulty, the more life / dmg monsters have, the better drops and the better experience gained. Use with no parameter or 1 to reset to normal.
Make a weird mix of sounds from NPC’s replicas.
@Balakai Heyand it’d come up at as a whisper in the green text directly to you, if the character Balakai was not in the game and you said @Balakai Hey then it would say in white text: Balakai is not in the game.

2. General Chat commands:

In-game helper for most commands, aliases.
Usage : /help <topic> <command>
Alias : /?
/channel <channel_name>
Allows a player to move from current channel to the <channel_name> channel.
Alias : /join <channel_name>
Allows a player to reenter the current chat channel
Alias : /resign
/m *account_name or player_name <text>
Send a message to account_name or player_name <text>
To send a message to an account or player from another realm, add @Realm at the end of their name.Realm can be : USEast, USWest,Europe, Asia
Alias : /msg *account_name or player_name
/w or /whisper *account_name or player_name
List total users for current Blizzard game used and total players that use the Battle.net network.
Display local time ( recorded by computer) and Battle.net time.
/squelch *account_name or player_name
Ignore an account or an player in a game or in the chat channels. Not permanent.
/unsquelch *account_name or player_name
Unignore an account or an player in a game or in the chat channels. Always on unless set otherwise by options.
/whois *account_name or player_name
Gives information such as what character or account someone uses and if it is in a channel or in a game. ( ex. : /whois *al3xbnet or RO_Andreea would show, if the character is logged in : RO_Andreea(*al3xbnet) is using Battle.net in a private game or in a private channel)
Alias : /where, /whereis
/who channel_name
Tells all account names from users in the current channel.
/emote <text>
Send a gray coloured <text> to be seen by all the current chat channel users.
Alias :/me
When in a chat channel, show a message every time someone enters or leaves channel.Use again to disable.
Selects groups to allow /ignore messages / e-mails from ( public, private, etc)
Alias : /o
/o ignorewhispers
Ignore whispers from non-friends. ( usefull when in public channels or in a game to avoid messages from bots )
Alias : /o igw
/o unignorewhispers
Reallow whispers from non-friends.
Alias : /o unigw
/o ignorepublic
Ignore messages in public channels from non-friends.
Alias : /o igpub
/o unignorepublic
Allow messages in public channels from non-friends.
Alias : /o unigpub
/o ignoreprivate
Ignore messages from non-friends in private channels.
Alias : /o igpriv
/o unignoreprivate
Allow messages from non-friends in private channels.
Alias : /o unigpriv
/stats <account_name> <game>
Allows a person to see the stats of account_name from another Blizzard game. <Game> can be : STAR ( for Starcraft), SEXP ( for Starcraft : Brood War ), W2BN ( for Warcraft II Battle.net Edition), WAR3 ( for Warcraft3 : Reign of Chaos), (W3XP – for Warcraft3 : The Frozen Throne )
/mail <username> <message>
Send an <message> to an account name.
/ignorepersist ~ Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game
/filtermsg <content>
Users can now filter messages based on content.
/unfiltermsg <content>
To unfilter content issue the command ‘/unfiltermsg <content>’. (The maximum length of a filter pattern is 128 characters)
/home <channel name>
Users can now set their home channel by issuing a new Battle.net chat command while in the Battle.net chat interface.
Users can return to their home channel at any time by issuing the command while in the Battle.net chat interface.

3. Profile commands:

colored profile:

Type the letter (ÿc) + required number and write your text.
[It’s more easy to copy the first command (ÿc) with CTRL+C]

your text is white
your text is red
your text is blue
your text is green
your text is gold
your text is grey
your text is black
your text is gold
your text is orange
your text is yellow
your text is dark green
your text is purple

ÿ is made with: ALT + 152

4. Commands for managing friends:

Shows the commands for friends.
Alias :/f
/f list
List your current friends.
Alias : /f L
/f remove <account_name>
Remove account_name from your friend list.
Alias : /f r <account_name>
/f msg <text>
Send <text> to all persons in your friend list.
Alias : /f m <text>
/f promote account_name
Put selected friend in your list higher one position. (Ex : if i got 1) acc1 2)acc2 3)acc3 with /f p acc3 i will have 1) acc1 2) acc3 3) acc2
Alias :/f paccount_name
/f demote account_name
Move an account from friend list lower by 1 position. ( Ex. : if i got 1) acc1 2) acc2 3)acc3 with /f d acc1 i will have 1) acc2 2) acc1 3) acc3 )
Alias : /f d account_name

5. Moderator commands:

Some channels have special characters before their name.
Example : op account_name or clan account_name
This means that the person owning account_name can moderate his channel to better select people joining it. (Try using /join op <your_account_name> and call a friend to join it.).

/ban <account_name> <reason>
Allows the moderator to ban / exile the person owning <account_name> from his channel. A <reason> can be provided also. ( this is seen by who is getting banned to understand what he has done wrong).Can not be executed on another moderator of the same channel.
/unban <account_name> or <player_name>
Allows the moderator to unban / reallow the person owning <account_name> to join his channel.
/kick <account_name> or <player_name> <reason>
Allows the moderator to kick ( kind of warn ) a player owning <account_name> with a <reason> to warn him of his actions ( most times because of spamming or talking dirty or ignoring other channel / game rules). Cannot be used on another moderator of the same channel.
/designate <account_name> or <player_name>
Allows the moderator to select a new moderator for the channel. He needs to rejoin the channel in order to actually make that person moderator as well. Only 1 person is allowed to be a 2nd moderator.

6. Status Commands:

/away <message>
When you are afk, set a message to be automatically sent to players that message you. You still see what they write to you. Use command again with no text to disable it.
/dnd <message>
Ignore messages from all players and send them a returning <message> each time they try to message you. Use /dnd with no text to disable.

7. Target Line Commands:

These are commands that change some basic functions of the game. They must be in place when the program starts up. To enable these, go to the shortcut you use to start up Diablo II, right click, select properties, and view the target field. The default installation yields this:

“C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe”

Add any commands after that, with a space between them. For instance:

“C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe” -w -act5

Here’s a short list of the most useful commands. The full list (most of which are without function) can be seen below.

act#: New characters will appear in that act, at the preset level, with unspent skill and stat points.
-act1: Characters are level 1 in act 1. (Default setting.)
-act2: Characters are level 16 in act 2.
-act3: Characters are level 21 in act 3.
-act4: Characters are level 27 in act 4.
-act5: Characters are level 33 in act 5.

-ns: Starts the game without sound.
-skiptobnet: Bypasses the introduction screens by starting the game at the Battle.net login screen.
-w: Runs Diablo II in windowed mode, at whichever resolution you have specified.
control + m ~ Will disable log in music and channel music.
-sndbkg to play music while alt tabbed out