How to build a MF hammer paladin?

Diablo 2 Paladin and Sorc are the most suitable roles for magic find. MF Sorc needs the lowest cost, kills BOSS efficiently, MF Paladin has high security and high damage. Very small monsters can avoid the damage of blessed hammer. It is easy to pass act1-act5 in the hell game. The enigma needs to be equipped, otherwise the efficiency is too low.
The basic requirements of MF Paladin are 75% block (after Holy Shield), high MF rate and reach 75% all resistance in hell games.
Main damage skill: Blessed Hammer/Auras: Concentration

MF Paladin Gear suggestion:
Armor: Enigma Mage Plate/Breast Plate. They all has low strength requirement, points can be added more to vitality, and the price is the lowest.
Weapon: Wizardspike. It’s better than hoto for MF i think. Cheap/high fcr/high resistances. But hoto can get higher damage ofc.
Sheild: Herald Of Zakarum (Non up’d, Socketed with an UM rune)
Helm: Shako (Socketed with am Um Rune, or P Topaz)
Gloves: Chance Guards. 40% NF will be better.
Boots: War Travelers. 50% MF will be better.
Rings: Nage 30%MF x 2
Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope
Belt: Goldwrap( have 30% MF)/Tals belt 15% MF will be better/Arach Mesh(add 1 skill/20% fcr). Sometimes we can use Thundergod’s Vigor to avoid lightning monsters.
Second Weapon: Call To Arms (Flail or Crystal Sword)
Sheild Switch: Lidless or Any Paladin Spirit

Base Stats Points:
Strength: Can equip all items.
Dexterity: After all items equipped. Use Holy Shield and add to 75% Change to Block. This rate will change when you change your shield or your role level changed.
Energy: No need add.

After anni/torch equipped. Create a hell game check all the resistance. Use some resist charm if lower than 75%.

Skills Points:
20 Blessed Hammer
1 Holy Sheild
20 Concentration
1 Redemption
20 Blessed Aim
20 Vigor
The rest point added to Holy Sheild.

Merc select: Defense (Nightmare): Holy Freeze auras.
About the auras informationcan can be found

Merc Gear
Colossus Voulge/Thresher/Cryptic Axe Insight & Ethereal
Archon Plate Fortitude & Ethereal
Andariel’s Visage & Ethereal You can socket with jewel to increase the res or damage.

You can also use cheaper gear:
Random Insight
Shaftstop (Up’d Ethereal and socket a um rune will be better)
Gaze (socket with a um rune)

You can also add some paladin combat grand charms and a 40% MF Gheed if you like.

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Thanks for your reading.