Faq To Sorc Energy Sheild

This small FAQ gives answers to all relevant knowledge needed to understand Energy Shield and its synergy Telekinesis.

Q: What does telekinesis do for energy shield?
A: Energy shield takes 2 points of mana for every point of life it absorbs. Each point you spend in telekinesis reduces this by 0,0625 point. This means that after 16 points you re only losing half the mana compared to zero points, or one mana per absorbed life. At 20 points you re only losing 0,75 mana per absorbed hit point.

Q: So if you get a level 32 telekinesis you re losing no mana through energy shield?
A: No, it only works with actual invested points, so level 20 (1:0,75) is the limit.

Q: How much damage can energy shield absorb?
A: It s capped at 95%, which is at skill level (slvl) 40. After that only the duration of energy shield increases.

Q: What is the energy shield bug?
A: It doesn t exist. This bug you might ve heard about, is simply an intended change from blizzard. This change is that energy shield is now applied before resistances, meaning your mana gets drained four times as much as it used to with maxed resistances. Telekinesis doesn t totally make up for this, but it helps.

Q: Is energy shield applied before the PvP penalty?
A: No. This is good since this means 6 times less mana draining.

Q: How do I calculate damage taken to mana and life with energy shield?
There s a formula for that:

Damage to life = InitialDamage*(W/100)*(1-X/100)*(1-Y/100)*(1-Z/100)

W = PvP penalty (for most, if not all attacks 17%)
X = % resistance (or damage reduction in case of a physical attack)
Y = % chance to block (in case of a physical attack or blockable elemental attack)
Z = % energy shield

Fill in zero if you have zero resistance or block or damage reduction.

For example if you take 12 000 damage hit from a fire ball when dueling another sorceress with maxed telekinesis, resistances and 95% (max) energy shield:

Damage to life = 12 000*0,17*(1-0,75)*(1-0)*(1-0,95) = 25,5 life lost

For damage to mana another formula can be used:

Damage to mana = Damage*(2 0,0625x)*(W/100)

x = slvl telekinesis
W = pvp penalty

Take the same example as above, with the fire ball hitting:

Damage to mana = 12 000*(2-0,0625*20)*(0,17) = 1530 mana lost

Q: Is damage to mana % effective in combination with energy shield?
A: No. Since damage to mana is now subtracted from the actual damage you take, in our fire ball example, it would take (1500/25)*100 = 6000% damage to mana in order to restore the lost mana. The higher your energy shield gets, the less you benefit from %damage to mana.

A formula for this is:
Damage to mana/Damage to life*100 = Amount of DmgToMana% needed to fully restore lost mana

Q: Is Energy shield viable?
A: Yes, this build is very powerful in both PvM as in PvP, the main problems are getting enough damage output, and mana burn monsters in PvM.

Q: I don’t get all this math, in simple language, what can ES do for me?
A: It can absorb 95% of all damage you take, given that you can keep your mana high enough. Your lost life will be very minor, but your mana takes heavy beat. Telekinesis helps reducing the cost of mana.

Q: Does energy shield absorb all attacks?
A: No, it doesn’t absorb poison and open wounds. There’s also reports of a bug where it doesn’t absorb charge either