How to build a Ghost Sin? – by Skibum

Written by Skibum

Skibum’s Ghost Sin Guide

I have a slightly different build than most people I know, and it works well for me. And I got bored so I decided to make a guide. Then I got bored again and didn’t finish… but I’m posting what I have so far..

Stuff you should know:

Psn dmg on trangs, etc is glitched. It increases dmg by 25% while casting venom, then again once the venom is on the weapon. So it effectively does 1.56% damage.
Psn length is treated the same as resistances, meaning that in hell it’s at -100%. So if your opponent is not wearing any plr gear, they will take dmg the duration. Making a 1820 venom over .4 seconds rlly do 3640 over .8 seconds.
Flash glitching : Lifting up and replacing rings / amulets/ circlets with strength on them. This glitches that strength allowing you to str glitch other items.
WSM Glitch : weapon speed modifier glitch, lifting and replacing glove side claw. Boot side will become the new primary (glove side) claw. You want slow claw over gloves, and fast over boots. See Claw Basics for more info
Both strength and dex increase physical damage. Ed = ¾(str+dex)

Breakpoints to Hit:

Fcr: 65% faster Cast Rate (sometimes 42%)
Trap Laying: 9 FPA
FHR: 27% BP
WW speed – 4 fpa


Helmet (s)

2assassin / 20fcr / 30str / 20 dex (or 60 life) /2os circlet with either visionary, ar mod, Allres, or ed mods
Strength is important on the circlet for two reasons. One: it increases damage (1 strength =.75 ed) ; Two: it can be flash glitched with a strength ring to glitch an enigma, giving you 75% glitched frw.
Most people love frw on helms. I’m not a huge fan, it does make wwing a little easier though.. but sometimes ull ww to quickly and miss frames. I prefer dex over frw, for the ed and ar.
Socketing will depend on claws and stats of items. I generally go with 40ed/15ias jewel w/ 30ed/9dex/10allres/60ar jewel, if I need ias, or 2x 30ed/10res/9dex/60 ar jewels or 30/9/9/120 . A
Andarial’s Visage, Ethereal, high ed, strength
I don’t use this often, it’s basically optional. But I do like it vs bvc’s and other ghosts. It gives a nice defense boast, and maintains 20 ias to hit trap break points. Also 10 max psn res.


High Lords
Nothing beats it. Skills, ias, lr deadly srike


Zod glitched chaos
If you can afford it, it’s the hardest hitting claw. I don’t have one. I keep a breakable ethereal chaos in the stash if I rlly need that damage boast.
Chaos Suwayyah
My chaos of choice would be a 15ed/ 3ar 3 fade, xlight sentry, 3mb. Light sentry saves lots of skill points, and lets you stun from longer distances. Fade allows for the casting of burst of speed and fade claw side without losing dr or resists or having to reset your claws.
Eth Fools Claw 40ias/285ed+/fools mods + Bonus (repair, 2os, +sin skill, strange mod (ar), min/max/str)
Two options here, imo. Either a Eth Feral Claw or Eth Wrist sword. A wrist sword will require 75 ias total to hit 9fpa traps, so it will require a 40ed/15ias jewel in helm, and a strict 40 ias on the weapon. Feral claw is slightly weaker but will allow for 2x damage ar res/stat jewels in the helm with 30+ base ias. In the end, both setups will do the same avg damage, wrist sword beats it out by about 2 damage a ww so it’s negligible. It’s really a choice thing, feral will do more dmg chaos side but wrist will do more fools side (with the right jewels)
Eth Cruel Claw 40ias/420+ed/ar modded
Same Idea as eth fools, this pulls even with a fools when the enemy has ~8k defense, and gets better as defense decreases so it’s best used vs casters and low defense sins, etc.
High Dmg Cruel *optional Warfist or suwayyah bases.
This claw isn’t really needed, but is useful in some instances. I use a 30ias 4xx ed eth warfist with light res mod vs necros and sins, while using burst of speed for max traps and nice frw. Also throw it on in ghost vs ghost duels, sometimes.
Note* not going to hit 9fpa traps, Warfist needs 25ias to hit 4 frame ww, suwayyah needs 15ias to hit 4frame ww.


Enigma AP , or scarab husk / wire fleece
Goal is to get the highest defense light armor enigma that can be flash glitched. So nigma must have >94 strength requirement, if you’re base strength (that’s the goal). Flash glitching (as I call it), is just like wsm glitch. You replace circlet and ring and the str bonuses on them become hidden to server, this glitching the armor.


Trang gloves
Fcr, cold res and psn% damage, what more could you ask for. Also, in case you are unaware, the psn damage is bugged. It applied 25% psn damage when u cast venom, and again once the venom has been added to the weapon. So it in fact adds 1.56% psn dmg.


3 main rings I use (in conjunction with 1 raven)
10fcr/20str/15dex/120ar/allres/psn res
10fcr/20str/15dex/11allres/41fr/41psn res
Main goal of this ring is to decrease the number of res charms in the inventory, and replace them with ar charms. Another popular ring choice is 10fcr/25str/60life/120 ar, but I prefer res rings, so my resists are good all around, and I don’t have to swap gear around too much. Also, my build is not full vita, which I’ll get to shortly.
raven 20dex/250 ar
20% wisp


Hsarus boots + belt (optional)
I’ve never used these, they just rot in my stash. But they may be helpful vs exile hdins for when u need ar.


Shadow dancers 2skill/25dex/~100ed
I’ve tested this vs gores a few times. The ~1k ar (more if viso), ~27ed and psn damage dancers add, beat out the little chance of deadly strike. Not, even factoring in the fhr.


20/20/25% sin torch
The 25% to cast is very helpful while using dragon claw, the more it procs, the more it stuns (as long as mb stun is still going). 5% is fine too, but 25% is optimal.
20/20 anni
6x 45 life Shadow Gcs
Enough for lvl 42 fade (50 dr)
20life/5res scs
Enough for 75 resists. I use 2x since I have 18 res on helm, and a ring with 36 psn / 36 fr. Fr isn’t too important, pr is next in line probably, but you want to at least hit 75 lr for sins. You can always use charm swaps to minimize use of res charms if you just 1v1 ppl. Then.. I’d suggest a crafted ring.
36 ar/ 20 life and 3/18+ar/20life scs
These will the remainder of your inventory. The goal is to hit ~10k+ ar chaos side, which will give you 33% chance to hit 20k defense dins. Since this build doesn’t focus on open wounds, you want the chaos to actually be able to hit something. Ultimately that will lead to an 18.6k fools side that nearly hits just about 50% of the time.

How to stat this sin
This is where I differ from most sins. Most sins go full vita, I do not. I tried to optimize my life for more attack rating and damage.

I stat my sin to 4.2k life, rest into dex
How did I come up with this number?
I took the 3 most annoying classes for my sin and did some math. Hdins usually do about 12k per hit. 2040, 4080, 6120. 6.1k isn’t even achievable so I don’t have to consider hitting that high.
Smiters and v/t’s do around 9.5k physical. Or 807 dmg per smite to a 50 dr sin.
Hits: 807,1614,2421,3228,4035,4842
I’d have a little trouble hitting > 4.85k life (it is possible wih life based gear) so again, anything over 4.03k will tank the same amount on my sin.
Mb Necs: do roughly4.8k dmg or ~816 dmg per hit.. about the same as a smiter. So I’d want > 4080 life for them.
Ultimately, I decided on 4.2k to give myself a little bit of breathing room for foh’s and random shit hitting me. If you’re using your sin for 4v4’s where there is mixed dmg, then full vita could be better. Up to your preference, really. The increased damage and ar also tends to even out against higher life ghost’s in gvg. U hit more often for more damage, nullifying their extra life advantage.

Depends on your +skills from claws, but for the most part..
20 – claw mastery
20- fade
17-18- weapon block(or enough for 62% if u have + claws)
1 point wake of fire
1 point blade shield
1 point light sentry
1 point Dragon Claw
1 point shadow master
Xx mind blast (rest)

This can be a bit tricky, but everyone has their own hotkeys they prefer. Mine are as follows, if you’re curious.
F8 = battle command
F7= bo
F5=blade shield
Q= mindblast
W= Teleport
E=shadow master
R= light sentry
A=wake of fire
D= whirlwind (I right click ww)
F = burst of speed
G= Blade sentinel
Z= dragon claw (left click)
X / mouse wheel = weapon switch
C /t = char / skill screens
V= cloak of shadows
Space = psychic hammer

General Strategies – ill fill these in later, on my repost (if I repost)..Probably with vids
Whirlwind :
When to lay traps, what type:
Psychic Hammer:
Hidden frw ww’s:

My sin’s stats / items
Pictured with
Helm: 2sin/20fcr/23str/15dex/8res base socketed w/ 40ed/15ias, 30ed/9dex/60ar/10allres jewel
Ring: 10fcr/82ar/16str/13dex/10pris/38psn res
Weapon: 254ed gchaos ( and my 15ed/2ar 3mb/3ls/3fade base 355 roll. Suwayyah.
40ias 433ed 242 ar eth battle chestus (zod’d)
40ias 298 ar fools wrist sword (zod’d)
9x 36ar/20 life charms, 8x 3/18/20’s, 2x 20/5’s, 6x gcs