How to build a pvp barb? – East’s #1 Visionary Ww Barb Vs Barb Setup by Dalinkwent

Written by Dalinkwent

I was #1 WW Barb on east with this setup.

Warning this setup its not cheap.
Skills @ 99

bash 1
leap 1
stun 1
concentrate 1
leap attack 1
Whirlwind 20

War cry’s
howl 1
shout 20
battle orders 20
Battle command 1

Axe mastery20
Iron skin 20
Natural resist 3

Strength. Enough to wear your gear 232
Dex. Enough for max block 221/222
vita. Everything else
Mana. 0

Armor. Sacred fortitude
Helmet. 5 to battle order 2os visionary. with x2 30/60/9/9s jewels or 25/45/9/9. ED AR STR DEX.
Life and 100+defense If possible.
Boots. Upped gores
Ammy/rings. Angelic’s
Wepon. Grief zerker axe 34ias +
shield. Storm shield socketed with a 30ed fire dmg 9dex 9str jewel
Belt. Perf dungos
Gloves. Rends
wc weapons. 50str 3 to wc clubs

Here is where it gets tricky.
You are going to need 3/20/20s and 30deff/20life scs
You are going to balance between the 2 till you hit 30k deff
Then the rest 3/20/20s.
Remember it all depends on how good the gear is.
20 stat anni and 20 stat torch are a must.

guillaume’s face
Sorb gear
demon limb
6 bo helm
Barb Enigma
Beast zerker

The Hding/Max block killer setup.

You should always play gm but there will be times casters will try to bm you
and that’s where the sorb gear comes in.
When versing hdings this is what you should wear for best results.

guillaume’s face
grief/beast zerkers

This is a 100% effective build.
Remember The better the gear the better the results.