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Diablo 2 Is An Unbeatable Masterpiece

  • Diablo 2 Is An Unbeatable Masterpiece Jul 03 2024

    Darkholow: It will never happen again, because D2 was made by a different studio (Blizzard North) and back then games weren't made with "how are we going to keep our players playing our game for years and years on end with Seasonal content". This wasn't a thing..it was just to make a game fun to play..that's it.
    TinyGremolin: Also, these games came out when the internet was still in it's infancy, and content creators/youtube/guides didn't really exist.

    What this means, is EVERYONE had to play and learn the games themselves.

    Sadly, people rarely do that anymore.
    Cream_89: Diablo 2's itemization is genius tho. Sure there is plenty of 'useless items, but the way how yellow items can be insanely good, same with crafted items. Blue items can even be bis, like the 40% MF ring. Charms/Jewels add that dopamine effect, there is always something to find and ID even tho 99% of the time it's shit, but it doesnt matter since you might get lucky and find something insanely good. Hell, even fucking white/grey items can be worth alot if you find the right base for your runewords. There is ALWAYS something to look for, so you don't feel like you 'wasting' your time. It's honestly such a shame the Diablo 4 team didn't implement some of the itemization from D2. To this day it's probably the best itemization of any ARPG imo.
    yzwme586: D2 is like that iceberg meme, you think you know so much about it, but it's much deeper than that. By far the best Diablo, it's not even close.
    MrJustin1m: my issue with d4 is that with an infinite budget and dev team they are too scared to take a swing at things, its just reskinned d3. atleast the devs at last epoch are trying things.
    MrMoeGaming: Diablo 2 is brutally hard compared to that new crap. You got items so rare that most people playing for years wont even get the whiff of them. Its also extremely simple yet complex. No new games hits that itch anymore. They all look fancy and flashy but the very core elements are dead boring and dreadful.
    healergirl28: The whole premise is just wrong though. The genre has not been "figured out" there's so much room for improvement, and some of that improvement IS just returning to what made Diablo 2 such a good game. PoE 2 is bringing a lot of that, and that's why everyone is so damn excited to play it. PoE 2 is making a lot of innovations, and I think it's really safe to say even PoE 2 wont be the final form of the ARPG genre, it will continue to get better from there.
    shadyrebob5999: The itemization in Diablo 2 is what sets it apart from 3 and 4. So much loot that actually means something and makes things worth picking up. Whites, blues, and even some crazy yellow items.

    Poe does a pretty good job overall but it is almost too confusing. Looking forward to POE 2 and starting at ground level before it gets insanely complicated.
    vyktorzhuravlev8304: Games used to be atmospheric. I don't feel that now. Seems games lost the soul.
    welcome_to_the_own_zone: I had to have a buddy drive me to Babbages in the local mall on release day because I was just 15. I guess it's time to schedule a colonoscopy.
    AlainNavasDrama: they should follow D2 format and allow us to spam boss fights...The whole summoning mats things is REALLY boring gameplay loop...Just lets us ght the bosses over and over like d2 and lower the drop rates..
    ajthedemon40: I just wish D4 stuck with the D2 itemization. Personally I think the itemization in D2 minus a few OP runewords is the best itemization in any ARPG. PoE does it pretty well too. I absolutely hate smart loot that you can only find items for the class you are playing instead of finding other awesome items for other classes that you can trade or even start up that character so you can use it. I also think that getting rid of magic find would also be a good thing. Maybe develop an algorithm that calculates how difficult an enemy is based off it's affixes or if its a hard boss/ unique mob and calculate it's independent magic find based off the difficulty the game thinks the mob is would be really cool IMO. Edit: Another good thing about itemization that is absent in D4 is item bases. Item bases give individual items reasons to be picked up PoE does item bases very well. Thicket bow higher attack speed, Vaal axe 25% maim on hit etc. why move away from something that was perfected.
    sm0ke52: People don't want another D2 game. People want the impact that D2 brought to the genre.
    theyamato4106: "Over 9,000 Individuals Were Involved In The Development Of Diablo IV". Of course, people expect D2 level of upgrades. But we got D4 now, like WTF
    smartpig2386: once you get your fill of diablo 2, project diablo 2 is a great extension.
    midwestmind691: I was lucky enough to be in my early 40's now and got the chance in real time play golden era of Blizzard games when they first came out.
    tonysoto5530: D2 back in 2001-2006 you had to fucking be there man
    countzolof: I love when DM has a score to match the intensity of his speeches
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