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  • 1.Site trustable?
    We've been in business for over 10 years.Tons of items in stock and we have lots of regular customers.
  • 2.How will the items be delivered to me?
    We will create a mule account to hold the item(s) you ordered. The login and password of this account will be e-mailed to you. After you have received the email, please remove the items from the mule account before it expires.Our Live Chat representatives are available to help transfer your items to your character. Please remember that our Live Chat representatives can only meet you to help with in game transfer once you have received an email that your order is ready for pick up.
  • 3.Why i paid but not received items?
    Site working 24/7. Most orders will be delivered in 30mins. If you paid but not received items in 12 hours please contact us. EChecks may take up to 4-5 business days to clear. Order detail can be tracked from site My Orders.
  • 4.Items account and password i received but can't login. What's wrong?
    Please make sure right realm first. (USEast USWest or Europe).?Or contact us for replace if the realm incorrect or other problem.
  • 5.I havn't paypal account. Can i send money through bank or other ways?
    We only paypal accept. But you can send money from your cards through paypal.
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    Support Email: chenbenli8899@outlook.com
    Discord 1: leenank#9178
    Discord 2: doon72#5793
    Discord 3: billrune#9054
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