How to build a pvp hammer paladin? – by 3Dimensional

Written by 3Dimensional

HI, an updated pvp hammerdin guide, as the ones there was are just a little outdated (not that this one is revolutionary). I borrowed alot of the layout from other guides. Just added a bit of the new stuff people use nowadays!There can be a bit different preference on how u want your hammerdin, but this is how we had ours.The pvp hammer is a awesome 1v1 char which got a chance to win any opponent (some harder then other), u can use it for rushes (but omg use lvl service :bonk: ), its an awesome team pvp char and its an awesome char to use for bming.

This one is made without hybrid runewords!

Never forget to str bug your char!

Faster Cast Rate & Faster Hit Recovery

Faster Hit Recovery Frames:
0% 9
7% 8
15% 7
27% 6
48% 5
86% 4
200% 3
4680% 2
This build will be hitting the 86fhr bp.

Faster Cast Rate :
0% 15
9% 14
18% 13
30% 12
48% 11
75% 10
125% 9

125 fcr ofc.. Some will also like the 75 fcr build with a grief setup (but u dont really need it)!

Faster Block Rate: (With Holy shield)

0% 2
86% 1

Faster Block Rate:(Without Holy shield)

0% 5
13% 4
32% 3
86% 2
600% 1
Skills & Stating
Base Stats of paladins are
Strength: 25

Dexterity: 20

Vitality: 25

Energy: 15

Stat Distribution
Strength : Depends on your ring, but 3 str with a 20 str ring. I myself used a 10 fcr 23 str 15 dex 20 life 85 mana ring -> then i had to stat 0 in str.
Dexterity: Enough for maxblock.
Vitality: rest of your stats in here
Energy: You get alot of mana from rings / amu

Blessed Hammer
Blessed Aim

1 pt Cleansing
1 pt defiance
1 pt Meditation
1 pt Fanaticism
1 pt sacrifice
1 pt zeal
1 pt vengeance
1 pt conversion
1 pt foh (its very important as you use this for smite foh stuns – a video will follow of this. It is also good for last hit kills)

Then you have 4 options, its a matter of what you prefer

1. Remaining go into Holy shield.

2. You put 10 in Light res aura (for +5 max light res) and then remains into holy shield[

3. Remaining into prayer (for insnane high life reg with medi), this is a pussy char

4. Remaining into smite for longer stun (swirls)




my first choice helm is CoA ( Crown of ages )

Defense: 349-399 (Base Defense: 111-165)
Required Level: 82
Required Strength: 174
+50% Enhanced Defense
+100-150 Defense (varies)
+1 To All Skills
Damage Reduced By 10-15% (varies)
All Resistances +20-30 (varies)
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
Socketed (1-2) (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

its simply the best hammerdin helm, it helps you get 86 fhr, it have 1 skill, it boost your def, It have 2 sockeds and it have nice resistance.. you cant ask for much more!

You need:

(if u feel like it u can also have Ber/Lo)




Heart Of The Oak (Scourge is a must to get the full str bug!)
+3 To All Skills
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+75% Damage To Demons
+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal)
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
+10 To Dexterity
Replenish Life +20
Increase Maximum Mana 15%
All Resistances +30-40 (varies)
Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges)
Level 14 Raven (60 Charges)
I wont even write anything here, its so obvious why its being used.

Grief phase blade
35% Chance To Cast Level 15 Venom On Striking
+30-40% Increased Attack Speed (varies)
Damage +340-400 (varies)
Ignore Target’s Defense
-25% Target Defense
+(1.875 per character level) 1.875-185.625% Damage To Demons (Based on Character Level)
Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
-20-25% To Enemy Poison Resistance (varies)
20% Deadly Strike
Prevent Monster Heal
+2 To Mana After Each Kill
+10-15 Life After Each Kill (varies)

You dont rly need it, but if u are not rly skilled on a hammerdin it can be nice vs some chars..!

Call to arms on switch
+1 To All Skills
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+250-290% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
+2-6 To Battle Command (varies)*
+1-6 To Battle Orders (varies)*
+1-4 To Battle Cry (varies)*
Prevent Monster Heal
Replenish Life +12
30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Try to get one with +3 holy shield

Gloves and boots

Trang-Oul’s Claws Heavy Bracers

Defense: 67-74 (varies)(Base Defense: 37-44)
Required Level: 45
Required Strength: 58
Durability: 16
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Cold Resist +30%
+30 Defense
+25% Poison Skill Damage
+2 To Curses (Necromancer Only)

The one and only Hammer gloves..

Waterwalk Sharksin boots (Upgraded to 201 def)

Defense: 112-124 (varies)(Base Defense: 33-39)
Required Level: 32
Required Strength: 47
Durability: 14
Assassin Kick Damage: 28-50
+180-210% Enhanced Defense (varies)
20% Faster Run/Walk
+100 Defense Vs. Missile
+15 To Dexterity
+5% Maximum Fire Resist
Heal Stamina Plus 50%
+40 Max Stamina
+45-65 To Life (varies)

Get the upgraded ones with 201 def..

Hotspur Boots
Defense: 10 (Base Defense: 2-3)
Required Level: 5
Durability: 12
Assassin Kick Damage: 3-8
+10-20% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+6 Defense
Fire Resist +45%
15% To Max Fire Resist
Adds 3-6 Fire Damage
+15 To Life

An exceptional boot used to greatly reduce fire damage

You will also want a pair of high resistance boots (Cr/LR)

Armours (Shields/body armour/belts)

Enigma AP

+2 To All Skills
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport
+750-775 Defense (varies)
+ (0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based On Character Level)
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
+ (1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)

This armor is a must due to the +1 to telelport.. you will need it in AP to get the str bug.!

Spirit Shield
+2 To All Skills
+25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+22 To Vitality
+89-112 To Mana (varies)
Cold Resist +35%
Lightning Resist +35%
Poison Resist +35%
+3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)
Attacker Takes Damage of 14

shouldnt really have to explain this , simply the one and only shield for a hammer, preferably made in a 45@resistance sacred targe for the best blocking (Some would use SOF here, but i leave it as a guide without Hybrid RWs)

Sigards Stealth Vampire fang belt (Bugged belt ,BB)[Note this only exists on europe NL , other realms would have to use Verdungo as primary belt]
1 to all skills
10% increased attack speed
piercing attack
5 %Mana leech
5 %Life leech
Slows target by 10%
15 Strength
25 Dexterity
All resistances 20
Damaged reduced by 20%
2 to mana after each kill
-3 Light radius

Best belt you could ever find for a hammerdin , insane stat boost high dr +1skill, more resistance etc..
Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash

Defense: 119-138 (varies)(Base Defense: 55-62)
Required Level: 80
Required Strength: 50
Durability: 12
16 Boxes
+90-120% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Slows Target By 10%
+1 To All Skills
+20% Faster Cast Rate
Increases Maximum Mana 5%
Level 3 Venom (11 Charges)

For use when you need that extra 20fcr
Rings & Amulets

so if your using the hoto/bugbelt/coa setup . your going to need 30fcr from rings/amulets

This means you will use:

2 pala 20 fcr 20 dex 60 life 20 mana @ Amu
10 fcr 23 str (u need it for the ap) 15 dex 20 life 90 mana ring / Or u can use 10 fcr 20 str 40 life 90 mana + some resitance ring.
Bk/Ravenfrost/Wisp (depending on opponent)

Stash gear

Grief if u like (it isnt needed)
Bk ring (so u have 2 for hvh setup)
2 pala 20 fcr 15+ str xx life xx mana helm 2 socked with Jah Jah (for hvh setup)
2 pala 20 fcr 23+ str 60 life amu (for hvh setup)
Res boots
Wisp “20 abs”
Some extra 20.11 crs (can also be on different char since u almost never face a blizz)
Some extra 20.11 lrs (can also be on different char since u almost never face a foh)

Primary setup:

This means the primary setup is:

Coa Cham/Ber
Hoto Scourge
Spirit ST
Cta and spirit ST on 2. weapon slot!
Bk ring
Bug belt
To gloves
Waterwalk boots
10 fcr 23 str 15 dex 20 life 90 mana ring (remember to tele away from other players on the minimap, then take it off and put it on again to gain the str bug)
2 pala 20 fcr 20 dex 60 life 20 mana amu


Torch 20-20
Anni 20-20-x
9 x pc skillers (45 life prefered)
1 x 5 fhr 11 cold res / 5 all res sc
9 x Life Res scs (all res / lr / cr)

Duelling strategie:

Its all about getting out there.. I will add 1 youtube video here, but you can go and watch more from the same user.. In the video u can see a little of how smite/foh stun works.. and how awesome it is together with a sin, due to 24/7 swirls 😀

Thx to Jason_voorhees and rob for the videos 🙂

A good idea is to know how to bug your skills, it can work rly well vs some chars.. (its somewhere in Kam (Jason_Voorhees) videos, but else pm me if u wanna know how to do it!)

Thank you for your reading.