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In Diablo 4, gold is the primary and most crucial currency. It serves multiple purposes, such as:

Purchasing items: including gear, consumables, and more.

Upgrading equipment: to enhance their performance.

Enhancing equipment: to boost their properties.

Dismantling and extracting equipment.

Here are some ways to get gold in Diablo 4:

Complete quests: Participate in world events: Various events pop up on the map, and completing them can net you gold, legendary items, and experience points. For example, the world event near the northwestern Ursine Sanctuary waypoint is relatively easy and lucrative. You can even repeat the event by teleporting back to the city, selling unwanted items, and returning to the event location. Keep in mind that when teleporting in the open world, you’re moved to a game session with a specific number of players, and each time you use the town portal, you enter a new session. This mechanic allows you to find a session where the event has just refreshed, making it more efficient to repeat.

Explore dungeons: Continuously fighting enemies in dungeons can yield significant gold. Some dungeons have better routes and rewards, such as Anika's Claim and Dead Man's Dredge in Fractured Peaks. To enter Anika's Claim, first clear the Malnok Stronghold, then focus on eliminating all enemies, especially the elite ones. When your inventory is full, teleport back to town to sell items, then return to reset the dungeon and start again. You can also incorporate nearby world events into your monster farming route for maximum gold efficiency. In Dead Man's Dredge, circle the area, defeating enemies and looting as you go, then repeat the process after resetting the dungeon.

Defeat enemies: Especially when under the influence of the Greed Shrine (gold), which increases the chances of dropping gold.

Open chests and loot corpses: These can also yield gold.

Explore Crypts: Complete crypt quests for chest rewards.

Participate in the Hell Tide event: This is a great way to earn gold, legendary items, unique items, Fiend Roses, and Forgotten Souls in the late game. Collect Aberrant Cinders to open Tortured Gifts, especially the Mysterious ones, for high-level loot. The monster density is high, and various world events within this event also help gain experience, levels, and Renown Points. The Blood Bishop event is another good choice, dropping various sellable items and spawning numerous monsters upon summoning the Blood Bishop, who also drops Aberrant Cinders for opening Mysterious Chests.

Complete Tree of Whispers bounties: Accumulate reputation by completing these bounties in the open world (marked on the map). When your reputation reaches a certain level, you can earn a treasure chest containing gold, equipment, materials, gems, and more. There's also a chance to obtain Nightmare Sigils for further challenges in the Nightmare Dungeon.

Challenge world bosses: Although difficult, successfully defeating a world boss grants a wealth of legendary items and high-tier loot, which can be sold for gold.

Sell unwanted equipment to merchants: Decide which items to dismantle and which to sell for maximum profit.

Earn gold through leveling up and completing specific reputation activities.

Sell unwanted items after gambling: Use Obols to gamble, then sell the unwanted items.

Prioritize chaotic rewards in certain activities or tasks: These can sometimes yield more gold. Tasks related to the Whispering Tree are a reliable source of gold. Regular bounty tasks can net 5 million gold at a time. If you get a chaotic reward, you might earn 10 million gold when submitting the task, offering higher benefits. Persistently completing Whispering Tree tasks can quickly amass a significant amount of gold.

Gold is vital in the game. Players need to consciously accumulate it to develop their characters, improve their strength, and acquire necessary items. With updates or changes in game activities, ways to earn gold may adjust. Keep an eye on official news and related strategies to stay updated on the best methods for earning gold.

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