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Diablo 4 items are categorized into two main types: tradable and non-tradable. Tradable Items:

General Equipment: This includes most common and rare items such as weapons, armor, and accessories that players can find throughout the game. These items can be freely traded between players, allowing for an active in-game economy and player-driven market.

Crafting Materials: Basic materials used for crafting and upgrading equipment can also be traded. This encourages cooperation and exchange between players, fostering a community-driven environment.

Non-Tradable Items:

Legendary and Unique Items: These high-tier items are bound to the player who acquires them. They are often obtained from challenging content and have powerful, unique abilities that are tailored to specific builds. The non-tradable nature ensures that players must earn these powerful items through gameplay rather than purchasing them from others.

Quest Rewards: Items that are given as rewards for completing specific quests or achievements are typically non-tradable. This ensures that the effort and accomplishment of completing these tasks are personal to the player's journey.

Seasonal and Event-Specific Items: Certain items that are only available during limited-time events or specific seasons may also be non-tradable, making them rare and prestigious for those who participate in these activities.

By dividing items into tradable and non-tradable categories, Diablo 4 aims to balance the in-game economy while maintaining a sense of achievement and progression for players acquiring rare and powerful gear.

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