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Diablo 2 guide - I think it's useful for everyone before buy diablo 2 items.

  • I think it's useful for everyone before buy diablo 2 items. Sep 10 2019
    We received an email from a custmer. I think it's useful for everyone before buy diablo 2 items.If your items are legit real stock why is there a possibility of being banned?
    If you help transfer items, are you on the mule account?
    If you're on the mule account, and I realm down can I retransfer items later?
    Is there an easy way to use my credit card with PayPal to you without a PayPal account?
    Do I need to make PayPal account to order?
    Also are there items you can get that aren't on the website right now?
    On average estimate how long does your lv 90 level up take? It mentions 24hours but is it quicker?
    what i answer here:
    we do diablo 2 items over 10 years
    1. 99% items real in stock and we only legit items for sale. blizzard never ban accounts before if don't use the bot or plugin even you use dupe items.
    2. we can xfer items in game ofc
    3. just email back to us your game when you received mule account   we can drop items in your game
    4. easy paid without paypal account
    5. no need make paypal account.
    6. we can help get items if that aren't on site. just email to us.  but not sure we can find it.
    7. 90% orders can be done in 30 minutes.
    8. 1-90 will take 12 hours. but if you need 2 more chars and all on same account then need more time.
    at last  just try a small order like $1 at first. you will like here i think.
    how to know how is my order
    from site track order https://www.items7.com/trackorder.html
    will get answer. thanks

pay with credit card
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