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Diablo 2 Poison Necro HC, SSF

  • Diablo 2 Poison Necro HC, SSF Jul 03 2024

    harmen4750: I'm a simple man. I see a new video from TheNuclearRabbit, I watch it!
    JapeCity: I get so stupidly excited for these videos
    shaneanigans440: You are a true masochist. I've leveled a poison nova necro from 30 and it's pain.
    zarfen: This was super entertaining!
    Poison nova is one of the coolest skills imo, but there sure are a lot of poison resistant enemies in hell
    zlatanmorrison8182: "An IV of potions" :))
    Machtgecko: The good old Ral-Tir-Tal-Sol Spirit Partizan, never change nuke
    NeflewitzInc: I've been thinking about doing a poison Dagger necro and this helped me decide that if I do it I must have Treachery.
    Sara.Space.H: I wish poison dagger automatically hit like smite and did all of it's poison damage instantly. But dreams aside ty for your vids, you deserve more views!
    Igwi: Cool video! Even an elderly member of a black metal band, poking monsters with a butter knife, was able to complete the game, the Amazon did not... it's very funny)
    goatunnheim: Let's go!
    jeffreybarker357: “My mercenary evaporates in the lightning” lmao. That got me. I laughed. And well done using a blessed aim merc. That’s some big brain stuff!
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