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Diablo 2 Spearazon Once More With Spearing HC, SSF

  • Diablo 2 Spearazon Once More With Spearing HC, SSF Jun 10 2024

    christophermanabat1934: Since I saw your first two fails, I decided to try it for fun. worse 2 weeks ever lol. I basically farmed NM till I was almost 80.... I reset my map over and over till I got the easiest meph map ever. I found a lycander flank which made life easier. I must have killed Meph in NM with 200 MF about 2k times. I got all the best items you can get in NM. I even managed to get a shako from NM Baal. I never used it tho, kept on my Vamp Gaze and Smoke armor. like you, I used Nats boots. I also had IK belt, Rare gloves with IAS and resistance. I too found a Raven frost and a rare ring with LL and dual res. What helped the most was the charms I kept along the way. I kept every resistance/life charm I could find. Eventually I switch the Smoke for a Hustle runeword armor since being able to run fast made life easier and safer. also the IAS kept my life up while killing. You really need to use your skills while playing a spearzon. Valk, Decoy and that skill that lowers enemy defense, making them easier to hit. I used a Holyfreeze Act2 merc, he used a treachery that I swapped between us for fade, Insight and tals mask. The holyfreeze made life safer for me as well since I just ran away if my life got halfway. I later switched to Hell Pit runs till 83, I dont recommend that tho since I had more than 1 S&E moments with fanat archers. I play on PC tho so once I hit the ESC button, it pauses the game, cant die while looking in the menu. I abused that quite a bit, going through doors and tapping esc to see if I was about to run into a bad room. Took a 5 days alone to get through HELL mode. I went super slow, full clearing areas. In the Pits, I did find a mancatcher that I also made into an Obedience which made life easier. I think res is the most important thing on a spearzon since your up close and usually surrounded. I put an UM into my Vgaze for more res. I also had a Nokozan ammy which gave me 85 Fire res. Baal Hell was a total shitshow... wave 2 nearly killed me since poison was my worst res. If I didint farm full juvs i probably would of never made it past wave2. I lead wave5 out the room and baal was EZ mode. this is what I did, if you try again, hope some of this info helps you.
    bjorntrollgesicht1144: Fun fact: spears are the least complicated to use weapons irl. Even a fat basement dweller could use one effectively, just take it and poke your target with the pointy end, literally run into it. That's why we've been using them for as long as we were able to use tools. Spears are great when you're facing your enemy, but bad at getting cornered. But if you have a buddy at your side with a spear to cover you and he has a buddy too.. That's how the phalanx came to be!
    mikejames5484: That death as you save and exit happened to Llama too. It seems like a glitch. Notice on the character screen a dead hardcore character should be naked but you have gear still.
    zlatanmorrison8182: Poke-Am-azon...gotta poke-em-all.
    MrOdsgaard: That's a sad one! I feel you. Lost my Pala this ladder season to a bug crash... Feels bad man. GL next run!
    wizrom3046: Her deeds of valour will be remembered!
    Especially the part where she fist punched Baal in the face... until he was dead
    davesafish: Damn bro... you're gonna get it one of these times. I believe in you!!
    zlatanmorrison8182: You are getting a like just for the video title :)
    jimjob1212: Thought you had a run going. one day you will get this done.
    zaszz: Raven is the most based drop you could get off normal baal for a melee char
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