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DIABLO 2 Tyrael Vs Diablo & Baal Battle Scene Cinematic 4K

  • DIABLO 2 Tyrael Vs Diablo & Baal Battle Scene Cinematic 4K Apr 12 2024

    Tyrael expecting Marius to go to Kurast, find a gateway to hell, go the the hellforge, and destroy Baal's soulstone all on his own must have been the most braindead move he's ever done.

    If only Tyrael decided to step in a few minutes earlier

    It just makes me wonder... Your character in Diablo 2 defeats ALL 3 Prime Evils including 2 Lesser Evils: Andariel and Duriel. The Nephalem in Diablo 3 defeats Diablo holding the powers of both Mephiso AND Baal as well as the Lesser Evils you fight: Belial and Azmodan, Belial, Zoltun Kulle, as well as Andariel and Duriel again, turning him into his absolute strongest form he's ever had making him into THEE Prime Evil. Not only does the Nephalem defeat Diablo at his absolute best, but he also defeats the Angel of Death that was also holding the powers of ALL Prime Evils as well as the Lesser Evils. The Nephalem was literally the most powerful being in both Heaven AND Hell..

    I think it is amazing that those guys could open the portal to hell, but I always wondered what happened to Tal Raja after this scene.
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