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Is Crafting Blood Gloves Worth It? Highlights of 50 Crafts Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • Is Crafting Blood Gloves Worth It? Highlights of 50 Crafts Diablo 2 Resurrected Jul 04 2024

    tinycat8338: I literally googled if blood crafting was worth it, like 45min ago.
    johnt836: Caster gloves are better than Blood gloves for Javazon. Caster gloves can roll up to 3 mana after each kill, which is huge in common Javazon meta areas (ahem… cows). Mana after each kill and mana leech is pretty vital for Javazon unless you’ve got an Insight merc or Phoenix shield. Personally, I’ve found that mana after each kill tends to work better than mana leech, it’s a function of your gear, zone, player count, etc. ANYWAY, I guess caster gloves don’t get crafted much because they need the same amethysts you need for caster amulets, and there is probably more currency to be made online crafting blood gloves. 2 20 martial arts blood gloves are better than 2 20 MA caster gloves, for example, I think (?).
    user-ws9nu5fm7r: Cool vid. Youve really helped me become a better player
    mikeyflaherty4616: Perfect timing for this video! I just crafted my first Exile in single player so currently building up mats to craft some blood gloves to replace my dracs
    brandonhawkins3742: I always use the cube recipes, blood gloves and rings, and have just crafted some nice caster boots and caster belt while I still search for Arachnids.
    chuckwagon7171: Keep on keeping on
    Pri0nDisease: The wild thing is that I’ve found more than 5 pairs of 2-20 jav rare gloves over the last year… RNG
    potatolauncher4892: The 20% increased attack speed and 10% crushing blow are a decent budget Smiter item. Really nice for taking down Diablo clone to have some budget items like this early ladder. I like crafting blood gloves. Probably my favorite item to craft. I crafted a 20% increased attack speed with 2 Javelin skills and 19% magic find pair that I gave to my friend for his Javazon. It may take 100 rolls or so to get a decent pair, but I think it's worth it!
    SavantAudiosurf: Cool vid Phil
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