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Men Only Want One Thing, and It's DISGUSTING #d2r #diablo2resurrected #shorts

  • Men Only Want One Thing, and It's DISGUSTING #d2r #diablo2resurrected #shorts May 13 2024

    KeRmiTaKilla: Lmao u on fire lately
    charmingperson5280: I know a lot of people doubted it when I said that Phil is the kinkiest D2 streamer and the Daddy inside our community but it's simply true. Keep slayin', Phil!
    jonathangortz8104: Bahaha priceless.... still waiting on one to drop for me after ugh.... the whole time of me playing.... 20 years.
    Bambuzzsprosse: Sooooo....that woman is a human and finds the thing that creates new humans disgusting?
    Really, really strange :D
    gotflowo: Found a Jah and ber this season. I was dumb founded. Grind hard but has never happen. Happy hunting soldiers
    WayTooSuppish: Got dat Jah doh... Another one...
    phobes7778: Pls just a crumb of Jah
    Pwnagemerchant: Still never found a jah. Found all the other runes at this point. Including 5 bers.
    user-kj5en4hz6c: fuck yeah brother
    shaneharriman5718: yoyoyo! That didn't just happen SP! Congrats!
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