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This Barbarian Casts 15 Different Skills | D2R OFF-META BUILD

  • This Barbarian Casts 15 Different Skills | D2R OFF-META BUILD May 13 2024

    wizrom3046: Ahh yes the "disco barb" build we used to do it back in the old LoD days on ladder.
    Lots of fun watching the light show, and actually not too bad at killing stuff
    Luke-tg9jy: Very cool! Thanks.
    AlexLopez-by7vj: The cows always win in the end.
    mrsquiggles1379: Ooo boi the serotonins were firing watching all the pretty colors
    kristopherleslie8343: Double swing is faster by the way
    lukeknopp4267: Its not casting any of those abilities, it is procing them. There is a big difference
    RareFXChrisC: I made something very similar 2 years ago. Its called a "Proc Barb".
    markusundaus9468: hm, I would change it a little bit for more fun and effects. Use Delirium helm for your merc, as poison is your weakest element because conviction aura does not lower poison res. change your helm to a helm with 3 sockets and use some increased attack speed there. more speed --> more spell procs. you don't need to hit monsters with every hit as long as you attack fast. exchange your large charms to some with 1 to Barb Warcries. but some points in the skill Warcry so you can stun monsters if you are in troubles. your focus should be damage from spell procs not the frenzy barb, so more attack speed should be your goal.
    briancurrie2897: I would switch voice of reason for rift or BoTDZ,wisp for a dual leach/Res ring and I would take TGods over snow clash. Other than that this is a very interesting build. Would recommend if you play a lot of P1 online
    Pwnagemerchant: Ive been making a lightning proc barb. Crescent moon, last wish, dream, jewellers ancient armor of stability with lightning facets, chain lightning proc rare amulet, nova on struck proc blood gloves, tgods, 2x wisp projectors. Not sure on the boots yet but prob some rares with some proc.
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