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What's the best strategy for leveling up quickly in Diablo 2: Resurrection?

  • What's the best strategy for leveling up quickly in Diablo 2: Resurrection? Mar 13 2024

    Leveling up efficiently in Diablo 2: Resurrected can be both rewarding and challenging. Here are some strategies to help you on your journey:

    Early Levels (1-20):
    Act 1 Tristram Runs:
    Repeatedly clear Act 1 until you’re around level 20.
    Start the game, complete all quests, and defeat Andariel at the end of Act.
    Quit the game and repeat the process.
    This method is effective for early levels and helps you accumulate experience quickly.

    Mid-Levels (20-40):
    Complete the Game:
    After reaching level 20, complete the game by defeating Baal in Lord of Destruction.
    This unlocks Nightmare difficulty.
    You should now be at least level 40.
    If not, repeat Act 4 and 5 on Normal difficulty until you reach the desired level.

    General Tips:
    XP Shrines:
    Look out for Experience Shrines as they provide a +50% XP boost during their duration.
    Avoid Dying:
    On higher difficulties (like Nightmare and Hell), dying incurs an XP penalty.
    Do most of your early leveling in Normal mode to avoid this penalty.
    Enchant Weapons:
    If you’re playing a Sorceress, remember to enchant your weapons and your mercenaries for added damage.

    Multiplayer Benefits:
    Play with Friends:
    In multiplayer, raise your EXP gained by killing monsters in the same named area.
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