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Which Paladin build is the best for solo play in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

  • Which Paladin build is the best for solo play in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Mar 14 2024

    However, one of the most versatile and powerful solo Paladin builds is the Hammerdin.

    The Hammerdin build focuses on the Paladin's Blessed Hammer skill from the Combat Skills tree, combined with synergies and supportive auras. Blessed Hammer is a ranged magical attack that deals substantial damage in an area of effect, making it effective against both single targets and groups of enemies. Additionally, the Paladin's defensive auras like Vigor or Defiance can provide survivability and utility.

    Here's a basic outline of the Hammerdin build:

    Skills: Maximize Blessed Hammer, Concentration, and their synergies like Blessed Aim and Vigor. Invest points into defensive auras like Defiance or Salvation for added survivability.

    Equipment: Look for gear that boosts your Blessed Hammer damage, increases your mana pool and regeneration, and provides resistances and survivability. Key items include weapons or shields with bonuses to Paladin skills, Faster Cast Rate (FCR), and +skills.

    Playstyle: Keep your distance from enemies while casting Blessed Hammer, utilizing your mobility from auras like Vigor to maneuver around the battlefield. Use Concentration aura to increase the damage of Blessed Hammer. Pay attention to mana management, as Blessed Hammer can be mana-intensive.

    Mercenary: Consider hiring a defensive mercenary, such as an Act 2 Defensive mercenary with Holy Freeze aura, to further enhance your survivability and crowd control.

    The Hammerdin build offers high damage output, crowd control, and survivability, making it well-suited for solo play in various areas of the game, including farming, boss runs, and progressing through difficult content like Hell difficulty and Uber Tristram. However, feel free to experiment with other Paladin builds such as Zealot, Avenger, or FoH (Fist of the Heavens) depending on your preferences and playstyle.
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