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WINDFORCE is GODLY NOW Diablo 2 Resurrected

  • WINDFORCE is GODLY NOW Diablo 2 Resurrected Jun 06 2024

    R3dShift: Your intros cracks me up every time
    kevinlambert3896: It’s 2024…I hope you smash P8 with every single build you make with whatever item you want
    creed5248: still haven't found windforce and titans on sp ... also dying for an soj so i can get an anni ... problem is im old now and cant play like i used to ... a bigger mouse helps but still my hand gets jacked up pretty quickly ... LoL !!!
    creed5248: I always use an amulet for teleport when needed ... easy to switch and only uses one spot and i can switch it out as soon as i get where I need to go ...
    pires11d: With Faith bow and Hustle armor, my amazon simply melts enemies down... Also metalgrid amulet, raven frost, manald heal for mana leech, Wisdom helm, and Wrath bow on the off hand for the Decrepify proc. Super fun to play.
    RickBomhof: this is amazing tbh. now to find a windforce..
    braveherogreenleaf6256: "May you have many wives".
    The words of a man whose' never been divorced. HAHA, just ribbing.
    I've been subbed for a while and you make neat stuff.
    tbone8358: Hey Iceman what made Windforce godly? Did something change?
    theChrist-P: My favorite zon build is frozen arrow. Ice matron bow and nightwings veil, its so satisfying.
    kizzagaming6523: Could you chuck a 15/40 in the windforce and save attack speed in another slot ? Also really wish they'd re add the pierce to guided arrow at least for pve
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