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  • Rainbow Facet Lightning Die -5 +5

    Rainbow Facet Lightning Die -5 +5

    Rainbow Facet
    Can be Inserted into Socketed Items
    Required Level: 49
    100% Chance to cast level 47 Chain Lightning when you Die
    Adds 1-74 lightning damage
    -5% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
    +5% to Lightning Skill Damage

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All different types of rainbow facets are available for sale on items7.com! They might have the same name but all have different possible stats. All of them can be easily bought from items7.com. Four of the facets are focused on events happening when the player dies. The other 4 Rainbow Facet are focused on events related to the player levelling-up. Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison are covered by the Rainbow Facet. Buy these rainbow facets and you will get bonus damage to the elements and also bonus damage to all skills of the element. If and when you buy rainbow facet from items7.com, you will be able to reduce the enemy resistance to the element to a considerable extent. They might share the same name, but in actuality these are 8 different kinds of unique items.

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D2 Rainbow Facet have a lot of different benefits. They can prove particular very beneficial for a Sorceress. They work very well with Sorceress skills and can heighten the damage that the player dishes out. D2 rainbow facet can be used to get what you can't get from the skill's mastery. You can good chances of finding D2 rainbow facet from hell chaos sanctuary, but you don't want to do all of that work, you can simply buy the D2 rainbow facet from items7.com!

There are 8 possible stats, two each for Fire, Cold, Lightning and Poison and they are available for sale, at the best prices on the internet at items7.com. All items sold by us are permed for durability and come with 0 risks attached since they have been secured through 100% legitimate ways. Use these D2 Rainbow Facet to cast a high-level spell, when you are levelling up or when you are dying. D2 Rainbow Facet can prove to very beneficial on hirelings who run a high risk of getting killed.

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