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Diablo 2 Circlets Guide

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    Circlets are Helms that can have Magical Prefixes and Suffixes that you would not normally get on a Magic or Rare Helm. They also allow players to have the "hatless look" which will allow an Amazon, for example, to play with her hair showing.

    Magic Level
    Circlets have a special magic ability which allows players to receive a higher level magical Prefixes and Suffixes on Monster Drops and when Gambling on Circlets. This bonus only applies to the bonuses that appear on Circlets themselves. This does not help generate better Magic Prefixes and Suffixes on other items. So when you receive a Circlet, via Gambling or a Monster drop, the Magic Level helps increase the chances that a better Magic Prefix or Suffix will appear on it.

    Monster Drops

      Min/Max Defense Durability Required Level Sockets Magic Level Quality Level

    20-30 35 16 2 3 24

    30-40 30 39 2 8 52

    40-50 25 52 3 13 70

    50-60 20 64 3 18 85
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