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Legendary items in Diablo 4 are very powerful equipment in the game.

These items have the following characteristics:

Have special Legendary Affixes: They can provide players with powerful bonuses and unique abilities to help players cope with various challenges.

They can be obtained in a variety of ways: including drops from defeating powerful enemies, rewards for completing challenging quests, or crafted using rare materials and recipes.

By paying gold, the Mystic can extract the Legendary Aspect from a Legendary item, and the original item will be destroyed; players can also imprint the Legendary Aspect onto a Rare or Legendary item. If imprinted on a Rare item, the item will become a Legendary item; if imprinted on a Legendary item, the original Legendary Aspect of the item will be overwritten.

Legendary aspects are divided into different categories, each of which can be applied to a specific equipment slot:

Offense: can be applied to one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, gloves, rings, amulets (100% more effective).

Defense: can be applied to helmets, chest armor, pants, shields, amulets (50% more effective).

Resource: can be applied to rings, amulets (50% more effective).

Utility: can be applied to shields, helmets, chest armor, pants, boots, gloves, amulets (50% more effective).

Mobility: can be applied to boots, amulets (50% more effective).

There are many different legendary items in the game, some examples are as follows (partial properties or effects of the items are in brackets):

Rings: Ring of Nature's Balance (Druid class), Ring of Demonic Circle (Barbarian class), Ring of Distortion (any class), Ring of Frozen Thoughts (Sorcerer class), Ring of Needle Cycle (any class), Ring of Jordan Stone (any class), Ring of Triple Curse (Sorcerer class).

Helmet: Helmet of Blinking Form (any class), Boneweave Helm of Shared Suffering (any class), Adventurer's Helmet of Deflecting Barrier (any class), Boneweave Helm of Paralyzing Rage (Barbarian class).

Chest: Vest of Dangerous Footsteps (any class), Vest of Soul Guardian (Sorcerer class), Adventurer's Vest of Weird Stretch (Rogue class), Vest of Stonewall (any class), Adventurer's Vest of Crowded Sage (any class), Vest of Unlimited Potential (Sorcerer class).

Pants: Adventurer Bul-Kathos's Pants (Barbarian class), Adventurer Protector's Pants (any class), Immortal Adventurer's Pants (Sorcerer class), Frostflash Adventurer's Pants (Sorcerer class).

Amulet: Cold Frost Amulet (any class), Chained Cyclone Amulet (Barbarian class), Ancestral Echo Amulet (Barbarian class), Pulled Cyclone Amulet (Barbarian class), Exadora's Overflowing Cheetah Amulet (any class), Vigo's Guardian Amulet (any class).

Boots: Stormrunner Adventurer's Boots (any class), Deconstructor's Footsteps (any class), Cold Frost Boots (any class), Dangerous Footsteps Boots (any class).

Gloves: Death Wish Boneweave Gloves (Barbarian class), Shadow Cut Boneweave Gloves (Rogue class), Ice Handshake (Sorcerer class), Executioner's Gloves (any class).

Weapons: Unique Brithard Kenan Crossbow (Rogue Class), Static Cling Spine Staff (Sorcerer Class), Fire Fury Legendary Scepter (Any Class), Mace of Inner Peace (Barbarian Class), Runesmith's Conduit Two-Handed Hammer (Druid Class), Hellhammer Two-Handed Hammer (Barbarian Class), Shattered Flame Staff (Sorcerer or Sorceress Class), Thundercrest Staff (Druid Class), Ushin's Might Staff (Any Class), Pent-up Axe (Slashing, Barbarian Class), Pent-up Essence of Radiance (Barbarian Class).

To obtain the best legendary items, one feasible method is to complete the dungeon early to obtain legendary aspects for imprinting, but it should be noted that after the item becomes a legendary item, the Mystic will additionally require more difficult to obtain crafting materials such as fiend rose.

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