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Unique items in Diablo 4 are very powerful.

Fixed Attributes: Their attributes are fixed, and all players who obtain the same unique item will have the same version of the attributes.

Unique Affixes: Contains a unique affix (usually represented by a star icon) that is several times more powerful than a normal affix, and often interacts with one or more skills of the class.

Unique Appearance: Probably the most unique-looking item in the game.

Equipment Restrictions: Each character can only equip one.

High Rarity: The drop rate is extremely low, and the average player may only get a few per season. They have a maximum of five regular affixes and one unique affix.

Unique items can drop in all world tiers, but better versions can be obtained in World Tier 3: Nightmare and World Tier 4: Torment. Their drop sources include enemies in the world, Treasure Goblins, World Boss, World Boss Chests (T3, T4), Boxes, etc. Helltide chests also have a chance to drop any unique item, but you cannot target specific unique items. Nightmare dungeons have an increased chance of dropping. Also, certain late-game bosses drop items, such as Echoes of Val'shan, Beast in the Ice, Grigoriel the Electrified Sage, Zel, Duril the Maggot Lord, and Echoes of Andariel.

Among the unique items are extremely powerful and extremely rare uber uniques. There are 8 uber unique items in the game, and their drop rate is estimated to be about 2% (as of Season 3). These items always drop at item strength 925, and are the only equipment in the game with fixed properties (no different property roll ranges). They have extremely powerful properties and special effects, such as the Herald of Harlequin, which provides additional levels to all active skills.

Here are some examples of unique items in Diablo IV (data from January 24, 2024):

Beastfall Boots: This is a pair of boots designed for the rogue class.

Starfall Coronet: A helmet for the sorcerer class.

Ring of the Ravenous: A ring for the barbarian class.

It should be noted that the game is constantly being updated, and new unique items may be added or the properties of existing items may be adjusted.

In addition, after Blizzard recently launched the 1.0.4 patch for the Diablo IV game, some players used loopholes to obtain Uber Unique equipment. Blizzard has urgently fixed this loophole and restored the normal drop rate of this type of equipment, so it is still difficult for ordinary players to obtain it randomly through regular channels.

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